From the solicitation: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at the giant-sized anniversary issue of X-Men Legacy #250, from New York Times best-selling author Mike Carey and acclaimed artists Khoi Pham and Steve Kurth! The X-Men have returned from the Age of X – but what undetected evil has followed them back from [...]

From the press release: AGE OF X Keeps Flying Off Store Shelves! Age Of X is the story that just can’t be stopped! After selling out the first two issues, Marvel is proud to announce that chapters three and four of Age Of X will be back on store shelves this May with X-Men: Legacy [...]

From the press release: Marvel is pleased to present your first look at New Mutants #22, from writer Mike Carey and artist Steve Kurth! The Age of X races into its epic second chapter! The secret compound known as Fortress X is mutantkind’s only safe haven on planet Earth…or is it? There’s a traitor in [...]

From the press release: Iron Man Legacy #1 & Black Widow #1 Go Back To Press In Time For Iron Man 2! Marvel is pleased to announce that, due to the excitement surrounding the upcoming theatrical release of Marvel Studios’ Iron Man 2, both Black Widow #1 and Iron Man Legacy #1 will be going [...]

Over on IGN, Marvel have announced a new ongoing Iron Man series, starting in April 2010, to be written by Fred Van Lente (The Incredible Hercules), with artwork by Steve Kurth (Ultimate Armor Wars). Titled Iron Man: Legacy, the new series is set to run alongside The Incredible Iron Man, and will tell untold stories [...]

The following comic previews are for Marvel Comics titles on sale Wednesday September 23rd 2009. Please click the the title below that you wish to preview. Once there, please click on the thumbnail images to launch the image viewer. Pictoview is recommended for easier image navigation. Amazing Spider-man #606 Anita Blake, The Laughing Corpse - [...]

Hypergeek’s Hot Picks is a weekly column on the site, where I take a look through the list of comics being released that week, and decide which ones I think are worth picking up. I then pick out the comics which I am most looking forward to, and tell readers why I think they will [...]