Are you reading Vampirella? You should be, because Eric Trautmann is kicking ass on this book right now! It you’re not reading it, then not to worry, because issue #8 starts a new story arc, which will feature artwork by Fabiano Neves! It’ll be a great time to jump on-board. Find out more below: VAMPIRELLA’S [...]

From the press release: VAMPIRELLA IN APRIL 2011! Vampirella #6, Vampirella Aurrora Model Kit & a limited Vampirella Crimson Chronicles Maximum TPB will soon hit comic shops everywhere! January 27, 2011, Runnemede, NJ - With Vampirella #1 main covers sold out from Dynamite, and Vampirella #2 close to a near sell out, there is no [...]

From the press release: VAMPIRELLA #1 SELLS OUT! The iconic Vampirella is an incredible success at Dynamite Entertainment! January 7, 2011, Runnemede, NJ - Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to announce that Vampirella #1 has sold out at Diamond! There are no plans for a second printing at this time (although copies may still be available [...]

From the press release: Dynamite Entertainment is pleased to reintroduce readers to the scourge of the undead: VAMPIRELLA, and she is all that stands between us and the end of the world! Vampi’s back and hot on the corpse-strewn trail of her nemesis, Vlad Dracula. It’s a darker world for Vampirella, and something more sinister [...]

From the press release: Dynamite is proud to unveil more B & W interior pages of Wagner Reis for Vampirella #1, as well two pages in color! Everyone at Dynamite has been working hard to ensure that Vampirella, one of most iconic female characters in comics, tops the sales charts while also reintroducing Vampirella to [...]

Eric Trautmann & Brandon Jerwa will be doing a signing tomorrow (Wednesday, 13th October 2009) at Olympic Cards & Comics, Lacey, WA. Both Trautmann and Jerwa will be signing their co-written DC Comics title The Shield #2, and Eric Trautmann will also be signing JSA vs. Kobra #5, both released tomorrow. I’m sure Eric and [...]

Hypergeek’s Hot Picks is a weekly column on the site, where I take a look through the list of comics being released that week, and decide which ones I think are worth picking up. I then pick out the comics which I am most looking forward to, and tell readers why I think they will [...]

The Shield #1 is the first issue of a brand-new DC Comics series that follows on directly from the events occurring in last month’s ‘Red Circle’ event from writer  J. Michael Straczynski. If you have not read the four ‘Red Circle’ comics then I would highly recommend picking them up before attempting to read The [...]

Today I was sent over a press release from a company called Do-Over Productions, informing me that the webcomic Wide Awake had been optioned by the studio for a movie deal. “What is Wide Awake?” you might be asking yourself. Well, I’ll admit, I had no idea either, until I clicked over to the comic’s [...]