IDW have just announced that they plan to launch a new ongoing Star Trek series this September. But get this, the series is set in the alternate universe/continuity of the 2009 movie, and promises to “reimagine” episodes from Star Trek: The Original Series! Now that sounds like it could be one hell of a lot [...]

From the press release: IDW Announces Second Printing for Infestation #1 The Opening Salvo in IDW’s Multi-Title Zombie Event Sells Out Second Printing Available in Stores on February 16th IDW Publishing is excited to announce that INFESTATION #1 has sold out! Setting the stage for the company’s massive INFESTATION event, IDW is rushing a second [...]

In celebration of gaining my Canadian Permanent Residency, I am running down an A-Z of Canadian comic book creators. For the index list of creators featured, please click here. I’m sure you have all guessed who this is going to be B is for …………… Byrne, John Byrne! [Updated on February 1st, 2010] John Byrne [...]