Radical Halts Production and Distribution of Nick Simmons’ Incarnate, in the Face of Plagiarism Accusations!


Nick Simmons (Gene Simmons’ son) recently released a three-issue comic book series through Radical Comics, called Incarnate. The series, written and illustrated by Simmons is clearly heavily inspired by Japanese Manga, but according to many Manga fans, the series doesn’t just pay tribute to Manga classics, but in fact outright plagiarizes them. Series that Simmons has been accused of plagiarizing include Yu-Gi-Oh!, Bleach, Hellsing, Vampire Hunter D, NANA, Dogs: Bullets & Carnage, Deadman Wonderland, One Piece, and the work of online artist Rae.

[UPDATE: To see Simmons' response to these accusations, click here]

Many of these series are published by Viz Media in the United States, and Viz is purported to be looking into the matter, and has a legal team on it. Kubo Tite, the author of Bleach, has also announced on Twitter that he is aware of the plagiarism. However, as yet, no cases have been filed, and no official statements have been made by the injured parties.

This all changed today though, when Radical Comics announced that in the face of these accusations, they have decided to halt further production and distribution of the Incarnate comic book and trade paperback until the matter is resolved. Here is the full statement that they released:

We at Radical Publishing, Inc. and Radical Comics, Inc. are quite concerned to hear the news surrounding Nick Simmons’s Incarnate Comic Book. We are taking this matter seriously and making efforts now to contact the publishers of the works in question in an effort to resolve this matter. We have halted further production and distribution of the “Incarnate” comic book and trade paperback until the matter is resolved to the satisfaction of all parties. Rest assured that Radical is taking swift action regarding this matter and will continue in its efforts to maintain the integrity and protect the intellectual property of artists throughout the world whose creative works are the bedrock of our Company and the comic book industry.

This is a wise move on behalf of Radical, because if these accusations turn out to be true, they could stand to be involved in a number of legal cases. By acknowledging the accusations, and halting production, they are trying to cover themselves, and indicate that they had no knowledge of these similarities prior to the production of the series.

So, are these accusations founded? Well, a quick glance at the panels below would indicate that they are very founded! All of the below comparisons are between Incarnate and Bleach, to see more head over to http://community.livejournal.com/bleachness/446299.html, where there are dozens of them!!!!

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7 Responses to “Radical Halts Production and Distribution of Nick Simmons’ Incarnate, in the Face of Plagiarism Accusations!”
  1. Deus says:

    Fucking fail. As in artist I work hard and to see this is a slap to my face that he able to get published by tracing. I fucking hate bleach but thieft like this isn’t acceptable at all. Nick simmons is a joke he just flushed his comic career down the shit hole.

  2. Edward Kaye says:

    I know! I can’t believe that he thought he could get away with it! Bleach is a big property, and people were bought to notice. I bet his Dad is pretty pissed off, because this reflects badly on him too.

  3. liz says:

    finally!!! at least something is starting to be done, but what pisses me off is the fact that no-one in the publishing company noticed this. i mean, come on, i can understand if they aren’t familiar with manga works, but still, couldn’t they have noticed that some of the ‘work’ looks worse than the others? it’s not hard to tell, and i’m sure that, someone, somewhere could have done something about this before all this shit happened.

    and i agree, did he really think he was going to get away with it? copying famous manga that’s known ALL OVER THE FUCKING WORLD and expecting no-body to say anything? either, he thinks he’s just ‘that good of a tracer and plagiarizer that no one will notice the ‘little’ changes’ or he’s a fucking idiot. my bet’s with the latter.

    i can only hope he gets his ass sued.

  4. L says:

    what a prick, he hasn’t even properly apologised yet.

  5. fj says:

    DAMN! So he took bleach and copied it and thought nobody would notice…idiot…
    Why not making a story about a Kid called Oturan who wants to be de leader of a village of samurais??….FAIL


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