Avatar Press Announces Wizard Philadelphia Crossed Exclusive by Gianluca Pagliarani!


From the press release:

Wizard Philly CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH Exclusive by CROSSED 3D’s Red-Hot Gianluca Pagliarani!

Start your engines! Gianluca Pagliarani (CROSSED 3D, IGNITION CITY) illustrated the front cover to Avatar’s CROSSED: PSYCHOPATH #2 PHILADELPHIA edition, available exclusively this coming weekend at the Wizard World Philadelphia Comic Con. This collectible edition is limited to only 850 copies.  Pagliarani’s artwork has never been in such high demand, thanks to his incredible detail on May’s top-selling graphic novel (that’s industry-wide, folks). If you’re headed to Wizard Philly, you’ll want to beat the person next to you with a biker link chain just to get your hands on one!

[Disclaimer: Avatar Press does not actually condone physical violence among convention attendees. We only present such a statement here for humor purposes. If you are not amused, wait there while we get our link chains.]

In other news, the highly-coveted, incredibly valued Avatar V.I.P. Packs and LADY DEATH V.I.P. Packs are still available for order! If you’re headed to Wizard Philly, make sure to place an order for these Packs, which come with or without admission tickets (whichever would be your preference), alongside hundreds of dollars’ worth of Avatar collectible graphic novels, comics, art prints, and more! Check out the details by clicking the link here.

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