The Comics Journal #301 Sells Out and Gets a Second Printing! Shipping Date Pushed Back to July!


Fantagraphics Books have announced that due to demand for The Comics Journal #301 being greater than they expected, estimated and advance orders for the issue have exceeded what they ordered for their first print run, and so they have immediately gone back to press for a second printing.

In light of this news, they have decided to delay the shipping date of the book by 3-4 weeks till early July, so that the first and second printings will arrive in stores at the same time. They decided to take this action, because TCJ is distributed to three different market segments - comics stores, bookstores, and subscribers - and they did not want to supply to only one or two sections of the market while not supplying to the others.

You can find out more below, along with news of a TCJ back issue sale:

We are victims of our own success! Demand for The Comics Journal #301 is greater than we estimated and advance orders for the issue exceeded what we printed, so we have gone immediately back to press for a second printing. Since we couldn’t fill all the orders from the first printing and didn’t want to short any one segment of the market — comics stores, bookstores, subscribers — we decided to wait until we receive the second shipment before releasing the book, resulting in a 3-4 week delay, pushing the release to early July. It’s been delayed so long already, what’s another month? The lucky dozens who have managed to buy advance copies from us at MoCCA and TCAF will tell you, it’s worth the wait!

This also gives you some extra time to get on board with a money-saving 3-issue subscription, which also gets you access to the online TCJ back-issue archives at!

And speaking of back issues, to help the wait for the new issue pass a little bit faster, save up to 50% off all TCJ back issues, Special Editions and Library editions through next Wednesday, May 25 2011!

(Note that this sale is not in effect at Fantagraphics Bookstore & Gallery, but there is always a great selection of TCJ back issues available there for half off in our legendary back room of damaged books!)

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