Spider-Island Infects Venom


From the press release:

When Spider-Island overruns New York, America only has one man to put an end to its madness – Venom! This August, red hot writer Rick Remender and artist Tom Fowler drop Flash Thompson right into a city full of Spider-powered residents in Venom #6! With this crisis ripping through the Big Apple, Venom must keep his emotions in check to ensure the city remains safe!

“Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott and editor Stephen Wacker went to great lengths to ensure that Venom had a few very important roles in Spider-Island,” said Remender. “I can’t give away who we’ll be seeing Venom go up against, but they are all huge characters and fights that Spider-fans have been itching to see. Tom Fowler’s pages so far are jaw-dropping and there are some legendary bouts >cough< Anti-Venom >cough< awaiting readers.”

With a whole of city of Spider-Men & Women to fight through, can Flash maintain control of a suit that wants nothing less than to put an end to any and all wall-crawlers? Or will the kill switch finally be thrown on America’s ultimate man in black? Find out when Venom takes Manhattan this August, only in Venom #6!

Penciled by TOM FOWLER
Rated T+ …$2.99

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