Marvel Announces Amazing Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Variants


Wow! This is a blatant rip-off of IDW’s promo for Godzilla!

From the press release:

Spider-Man Saves Your Comic Shop!

Marvel is pleased to announce two exciting new variants for Amazing Spider-Man #666. These Amazing Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Variants feature unique covers with your very own comic shop being defended from the dangers of Spider-Island by the Wallcrawler himself! In the Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Bugle Variant by Ryan Stegman, an actual photograph of your comic shop will be inserted into the front page of the Daily Bugle featured on the cover! In the Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Spider-Man Variant by Humberto Ramos, Spider-Man can be seen valiantly defending your favorite comic shop, complete with store name and logo!

These personalized variant covers are a must have for fans who want to show support for their comic shops. And that’s not all because on the back covers of these variants there will be a full page Marvel-designed ad for your store. Make sure to tell your retailers to order their preferred variant as both of these commemorative Amazing Spider-Man #666 Comic Shop Variants can’t be ordered together! Spider-Man to the rescue!

*Note to retailers: These variants have an early FOC of 6/13. Retailers will find all ordering information, cover images, and uploading information starting in this week’s Marvel Mailer and upcoming Diamond Daily articles.

FOC – 6/13/11, On Sale – 7/27/11

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