Weaponizer Presents A Wicked Little Town


Hey all! Make sure you check this out, it’s written by K. Patrick Glover, who used to write a column for this site!

From the press release:

Weaponizer is proud to announce the launch of its second and newest serialized graphic series, A Wicked Little Town, written by K. Patrick Glover with art by Keith Perkins.

A Wicked Little Town, which launches May 6th, is a black and white traditional-style murder mystery set in the old west with legends Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday taking on the role of detectives.

The series will be published on a weekly basis, with five-page installments appearing every Friday.

K. Patrick Glover is a Michigan-based writer of mystery and suspense. Much of his work has been published through Weaponizer including the serialized thriller Bale’s Game. No stranger to the comic world, Glover also had a regular column on comic book nostalgia on Hypergeek.ca and is the writer of the webcomic The Invisible Skein with artist Amanda Hayes. His first book, a collection of short fiction titled (Parenthetically Speaking) was released last year.

Keith Perkins is an artist living in Maine. His influences range from Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Impressionism, Pop-Art and Impressionism to Graphic Design, Science Fiction, Poetry, Mythology, and Music. All of these influences combine to form an original personal expression of the modern world. Perkins’ art is an expression of his inner and outer life. Sometimes harsh, sometimes lush, always offbeat.

Weaponizer is a web and print magazine specializing in publishing a diverse range of short fiction, serials, comics and non-fiction. Based out of Scotland, Weaponizer is the brainchild of writer/editor/musician Bram Gieben and features a pool of regular contributors that met in part through Whitechapel, an online community hosted by comic book legend Warren Ellis.

You check out a few preview pages from the comic below:

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