Vertigo Reveals Story Titles, Creative Teams, and Cover for Strange Adventures #1


In May, Vertigo will be releasing Strange Adventures #1, a book that I’m really looking forward to! When they first solicited the title, they would only say that the one-shot would contain contain eight 10-page science-fiction short stories written by the likes of Peter Milligan, Scott Snyder, and Jeff Lemire. Along with the first chapter of Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso’s much-talked about Spaceman (see more).

Today though, Vertigo have revealed the one-shot’s table of contents, showing the title of each short story, and the creative teams that will be bringing them to us. In addition, they have also revealed the issue’s stunning cover, courtesy of Paul Pope!

Check below for the full details, and make sure you’ve pre-ordered a copy of this, because it’s sure to be unmissable!

Table of Contents:

“All The Pretty Ponies”
Writer Lauren Beukes
Artist Inaki Miranda

“The White Room”
Writer Talia Hershewe
Artist Juan Bobillo

“Case 21”
Writer Selwyn Hinds
Artist Denys Cowan

“Postmodern Prometheus”
Writer and Artist Kevin Colden

“Ultra The Multi-Alien”
Writer and Artist Jeff Lemire

Writer and Artist Ross Campbell

Writer Peter Milligan
Artist Sylvain Savoia

“A ‘True Tale’ From Saucer Country”
Writer Paul Cornell
Artist Goran Sudzuka

Writer Brian Azzarello
Artist Eduardo Risso

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