Tony Harris Auctions Off New Original Starman Artwork!


For the 2011 Con season, Tony Harris will be selling two new Starman prints at events he will be appearing at. The first print that he has produced is a pen and ink drawing of Jack Knight and The Shade, which will be digitally coloured before being made into a print.

As a bonus for Starman fans, Tony is selling off the original artwork on his eBay Account. The auction started at $600 USD, and is a short-period auction, so it will end on Apr 9th,  at 09:34:04 PDT. You can find the auction here. Get bidding!

Also, note that he’s selling off a piece of original Hellboy art by Mike Mignola, which can be found here.

This is the original pen and ink drawing of Jack Knight (Starman, DC comics) and The Shade, done by the original series artist on Starman, and co-creator of the character with James Robinson! Tony produced this piece to be digitally colored by himself, and offered as a color print during the 2011 comic book convention season.  You are purchasing this directly from Tony, and it is completely authentic, and very rare. Starman art done by Tony rarely surfaces for re-sale, so this is a great opportunity for the collector. This is a quick sale, so bid smartly, as this is one of only 2 new Starman pieces of art produced by Tony since the Starman omnibus collections from DC comics over the last few years. Good luck!

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