Advance Preview: Ka-Zar #1


From the press release:

Marvel is pleased to present your first look at Ka-Zar #1 (of 5) from superstar writer Paul Jenkins (Inhumans, Origin) and red-hot artist Pascal Alixe! The Savage Land is under siege and only Ka-Zar can save his home from mayhem! Full of action, suspense and intrigue, this $2.99 mini series is a must read for fans new and old! Unknown outsiders are poised to invade the Savage Land and reduce the hidden jungle to cinder. However the Savage Land has its own line of defense when a mythical tribe from within launches brutal raids on the outsider encampments. It will be up to Ka-Zar and Shanna to defend their home before these two fuming foes turn the Savage Land into scorched earth this June, only in Ka-Zar #1 (of 5)!

Preview Pages:


KA-ZAR #1 (of 5) (APR110616)
Pencils & Cover by PASCAL ALIXE
Parental Advisory …$2.99
FOC – 5/16/11, On-Sale – 6/8/11

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