Preview: An Advance Look at Knight & Squire #1


From the solicitation

Written by Paul Cornell
Art by Jimmy Broxton
Cover by Yanick Paquette;
1:10 Variant cover by Billy Tucci
32pg, Color
$2.99 US
On Sale October 13, 2021

Just as Gotham City has Batman and Robin, London has Knight and Squire – the British heroes and frequent allies of The Dark Knight! In a secret bar within the city where peace is kept magically, heroes and villains gather to enjoy a pint and talk about their day. But what happens when the magical barriers that disallow fighting are dropped and a building full of heroes and villains confront each other all at once? Knight and Squire have to keep the peace and save both friend and foe in this 6-issue miniseries from hot writer Paul Cornell (ACTION COMICS, Captain Britain and MI:13) and up-and-coming artist Jimmy Broxton (THE UNWRITTEN).

Preview Pages:

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