The DFC Rises Like the Phoenix from the Ashes


Good news for fans of one-time British comics anthology comic The DFC - your favourite comic is coming back! Read on to find out more…

The DFC was a weekly British children’s anthology comic that was published by David Fickling Books (an imprint of Random House), with the first issue was published at the end of May 2008. The title stood for David Fickling Comic, after the driving force behind the title’s creation.

The DFC was a fantastic anthology, which featured a number of great creators from mainstream comics to small press to webcomics to manga, as well as people from outside the comics field. Creators involved with the publication included Phillip Pullman, John Aggs, Emma Vieceli, Jamie Smart, Nick Abadzis, Tony Lee, Dan Boultwood, Simone Lia, Garen Ewing, Neill Cameron, and many more!

Sadly, The DFC ceased publication with issue 43, in March 2009, when Random House withdrew financial backing to the project.

That is until…

Yesterday, a number of the writers and artists involved in The DFC were gathered together for a friendly drink-up, when editors David Fickling and Ben Sharpe surprised everyone by announcing that they had plans to resurrect The DFC as new publication, aptly titled Phoenix.

This new publication will not be backed by Random House, but Fickling has secured funding enough to publish the magazine for the first three years. Hopefully, this funding will give the new publication time to grow and build up a following, ensuring that it will continue to be published for years to come.

Phoenix is set to be published weekly, beginning in January 2012, and should have a lot in common with it’s predecessor. Many of the creators gathered at the announcement voiced their support, and indicated that they would like to be involved in the project, including Garen Ewing, John Aggs, Ben Haggarty, Will Dawbarn, Neill Cameron, Jim Medway, Robert Deas and Philip Pullman, Jamie Smart, and Emma Vieceli, Dave Morris, and several others!

This is fantastic news for everyone involved in The DFC, and great news for the British comics industry. With 2000AD/Judge Dredd Magazine, CLIiNT, and Phoenix, we could be looking at the dawn of a new Golden Age for UK comics! Hypergeek intends to offer as much support as possible to the new magazine, so keep your eyes peeled for more news to come.

(Thanks to Dave Morris for sharing his account of events over on his blog!)

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