Terry Moore Announces His New Series - Rachel Rising!


Last week, Terry Moore asked fans to help him make the decision about what project he should move on to, after the conclusion of his hit sci-fi series, Echo. He asked fans to decide between him doing a sequel to Strangers in Paradise, a sequel to Echo, or a completely new project.

Well, it seems that Terry settled on doing a new project, and today he announced that the project would be titled Rachel Rising. Here’s the blurb for the book:

Rachel Beck wakes on damp, soft dirt. Sitting up, she sees a foot sticking up from the ground in front of her. She is sitting on somebody. She is sitting on a shallow grave. Rolling onto her knees she claws the dirt away. It is the body of a woman much like her. The clothes are like hers. The face… it’s her. Dead.

Moore says that the series will be in the Horror genre, stating that he’s been a life long fan of horror stories, and revealing that he wrote his first short story when he was age 11, and it was a horror story,

Moore says that he has a strong cast of new characters that live in Rachel’s town and he thinks that fans are going to get a kick out of meeting them. He says that his stories “come from scenes in my head, like a movie”, going on to say that  “the scenes in my head are incredible, and I can’t wait to get started!”

Rachel Rising will be an ongoing series, and the #1 issue should be in stores in July 2011.

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