Quimby’s Bookstore Releases Limited Edition Chris Ware Print


To celebrate their 20th Anniversary, Quimby’s Bookstore in Chicago is releasing a silkscreen print of Chris Ware’s meticulous blueprint for the famous sign that extends out from the front of their store.

The print is authorized by Ware, and measures 19″ across and 13″ high. It was hand-ripped as per his specifications, and is an exclusive limited edition of 500.

The print is selling for $50, and is unsigned. They expect to have signed copies available at some point, but they are not sure when. Don’t delay though, because they’ve only made 500 copies.

I’m very tempted to pick up a copy of this gorgeous print myself, even though I’ve never been to Chicago, never mind Quimby’s!

You can order the print here.

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