Forgotten 22 Now Available to Order from Previews!


A couple of years ago, I reviewed the first two issues of Forgotten 22 - a comic book written and created by Matthew McLean, with artwork by Stefano Cardosell. When I reviewed the issues, the comic was being serialized on McLean’s website, with a view to being published further down the line. Well, McLean tells me that that day has finally arrived, as the first issue has been solicited in the March issue of Previews!

The series is being published as a four issue miniseries by Studio 407, and the first issue is set to be released on May 25th, 2011. For convenience, I have posted the full solicitation below.

I’d definitely recommend checking out Forgotten 22 - a comic that I called “a fun supernatural tale with a Western twist, which is packed full of fast-paced action. ”


Forgotten 22 #1 (of 4)
Written by: Matthew McLean,
Artwork by: Sefano Cardoselli
Publisher: Studio 407
Pub. Date: May 25, 2021

Watch out! There is a new Sheriff in Hell! Experience the undead Western that Mark Waid called ‘Really good stuff’ and that Mike Carey declared ‘A fun read!’

Meet Dakota Smith, a former soldier who wakes up dead from three bullets in his chest. Quickly made Sheriff of Forgotten, a ghost town in a tiny corner of Hell, Dakota Smith makes a deal with the Devil: he gets to wear the badge, but must do the Devil’s dirty work. Smith thought it would be easy being the Devil’s Sheriff, but he was wrong. Dead wrong!

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