Von Allen’s Stargazer Available to Order Through November Previews!


I have just found out that talented Canadian Writer/Artist, Von Allen‘s next graphic novel, Stargazer, is available to order from the November issue of Diamond’s Previews catalog, that just hit shelves on October 27th.

In his own words, “Stargazer an all-ages fantasy story about three young girls who find themselves magically transported to another planet.”

Or, more in-depth:

Marni is a young girl dealing with the recent death of her grandmother, which has left her emotionally devastated and struggling to cope. Granny Hitchins was a wonderfully curious woman, responsible for giving her granddaughter a rich sense of imagination and adventure, as well as an old and mysterious “Artifact.” Granny Hitchins found the Artifact when she was herself a child and, with origins unknown, it provided a lifetime of adventure, speculation, and storytelling for herself, her son, and finally, her granddaughter. While not a replacement, the Artifact is nonetheless a treasured memento for Marni after her grandmother’s death.

With the love and support of her two best friends, Sophie and Elora, and the magic of the Artifact to comfort her, Marni is just beginning to cope with the loss of her beloved grandmother when her life takes an abrupt and strange turn. While the girls are examining the Artifact on a backyard camping trip, the object suddenly takes on a life of its own, transporting the three friends and their tent to a strange and distant world. After exploring the tent and their immediate surroundings, the girls discover that the Artifact has vanished, leaving them alone and afraid under a very alien sky.

After summoning their courage, Marni, Sophie and Elora venture out to explore their alien surroundings, where they find a surreal world containing a robot, a mysterious far-off tower, and an illusive yet terrifying monster. Scared, yet buoyed by the stories and songs that they’ve heard while growing up, the three girls gather their meagre supplies and head out into the wilderness, determined to find a way home.

A magical tale with the most unlikeliest of heroes, Stargazer is an exploration of friendship, loss, and hope. By turns terrifying, poignant, and humorous, Stargazer is part fairytale, part science fiction, and part adventure story. Anyone who has ever opened a book, looked up at the stars, or dreamed will love this story….and wish they’d been the one to find the Artifact.

Sounds good right? Well, check out the trailer below, and make sure to order a copy from your retailer! I’ve included the ordering details for your convenience

Stargazer Volume One has an ISBN of 978-0-9781237-2-7, a Diamond Item Order code of NOV101057, a suggested retail price of $14.95 US/$15.95 CDN and is 122 pages in length.

Find out more at http://stargazer.vonallan.com

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