The Threadless Comics Challenge - Sponsored by Image Comics


The guys over at Threeadless Tees are asking artists to take one of the amazing tee-shirt designs featured on, and create a comic from it!

The person whose comic is chosen as Threadess’ favourite will win a whole bunch of trades from Image comics, including:

Orc Stain Vol 1
The Fantastic Worlds of Frank Frazetta
Morning Glories Vol 1
Popgun Vol 4
Liquid City Vol 2
Phonogram Vol 1
The Nightly News
San Diego ComicCon 2010 Yearbook
(art book)

This is actually the second round of the contest, to see the winning comic submitted for the the first round, click here.

What a fantastic idea! I wish I could draw for for crap!

Find the contest details here.

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