Frank Cho and Joe Keatinge Collaborating on “Brutal” for Image Comics


In a post on his Apes and Babes blog, comic artist Frank Cho has revealed that he is working on a new superhero comic, which he co-created with writer Joe Keatinge. The book will be released by Image Comics, and the working title of the project is “Brutal“, but that might change down the road. However, Cho quips that the title aptly describes the tone of the book.

I’m a big fan of Frank Cho‘s work, particularly Liberty Meadows, so I’m pretty excited to see him working on a new creator-owned project. Joe Keatinge, I know mainly from his time working as Image’s PR & Marketing Coordinator, as well as some good chats on Twitter. He’s also the Harvey and Eisner award winning co-editor of Image’s fantastic Popgun anthology. Joe has a great love of comics, and I look forward to seeing this come out in a script. Expect big things!

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