Fantastic Four #587 Tops Sad Looking January Sales Charts with 115,000 Copies Sold!


ICV2 have published their estimates for the actual sales by Diamond Comic Distributors to comic stores, on the top 300 comic titles published in January, 2011.

The top selling comic book of the month was Fantastic Four #587, which sold a meager 115,000 copies, which is the highest total for a direct market comic book since X-Men #1 launched in July of 2010.

As previously revealed, it looks like sales were down by 28% from December, and 22% from last January. ICV2 take a why this might be, and notice several contributing factors, such as the fact that due to delays, a number of heavy-hitters from DC did not ship in January, when they were scheduled to; in addition, the overall number of titles that shipped during the month was generally lower than what is considered normal.

Things are also looking pretty bad on the graphic novel front, with the #1 selling graphic novel, Vertigo’s Jack of Fables Vol. 8 selling just 3,913 copies, the lowest monthly total for a #1 graphic novel since ICv2 began its graphic novel sales reporting in late 2001!

Ouch! It’s pretty hard times to be a comic creator right now, those are some ridiculously low numbers. To read far more in-depth analysis, head over to ICV2, because they really are the best at sales analysis, and always publish incredibly insightful analysis:

I have posted ICV2′s estimates for the actual sales of the Top 25 titles, below. To see their estimates of actual sales for the Top 300 comics, click here, and for the Top 300 graphic novels, click here.

115,448           Fantastic Four #587
72,841           Brightest Day #17
72,090           Brightest Day #18
65,448           Spawn #200
64,867           Avengers #9
64,615           X-Men #7
61,785           Batman & Robin #19
61,169           New Avengers #8
60,231           Batman #706
56,749           Amazing Spider-Man #651
54,186           Invincible Iron Man #500
54,071           Uncanny X-Men #532
53,646           Green Lantern Corps #56
52,050           Amazing Spider-Man #652
51,381           Uncanny X-Force #4
50,748           Secret Avengers #9
47,093           Justice League of America #53
47,050           Age of X Alpha #1
46,920           Wolverine #5
43,471           Green Lantern Emerald Warriors #6
42,899           Thor #619
42,119           Captain America #614
41,843           Superman #707
40,193           X-Men Legacy #244
39,486           Buffy the Vampire Slayer #40

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