Darkwing Duck: Crisis on Infinite Darkwings TPB Coming This April!


From the press release:


February 18, 2021 - Los Angeles, CA - This April marks the return of your favorite masked mallard as the smash-hit DARKWING DUCK continues with a brand new trade paperback, CRISIS ON INFINITE DARKWINGS! Fan-favorite author Ian Brill (CHIP ‘N’ DALE RESCUE RANGERS) and phenomenal artist James Silvani (MUPPET KING ARTHUR) bring you the latest and greatest volume of the St. Canard crime fighter in this tale of too many Darkwings! Whether you’re a loyal fan or just jumping aboard you won’t want to miss DARKWING DUCK: CRISIS ON INFINITE DARKWINGS coming this April to a comic shop near you!

“It’s more Darkwings than you’ll know what to do with!” says BOOM! Studios Marketing Director Chip Mosher. “The Darkwing dynamic duo of Ian Brill and James Silvani truly outdid themselves in this arc, combining action, hilarity and not to mention a metric ton of Easter eggs all throughout. This is a volume Darkwing and comics fans alike need to get!”

In DARKWING DUCK: CRISIS ON INFINITE DARKWINGS you’ll see that Darkwing Duck is back, and back, and back and back some more as the city of St. Canard is under siege by an army of twisted Darkwings under the control of the original deranged Darkwing double, Negaduck, and his new partner in crime, the wicked witch Magica De Spell! How will our hero dispense justice when he’s public enemy number one?!

DARKWING DUCK: CRISIS ON INFINITE DARKWINGS collects issues #5-8 of the fan-favorite DARKWING DUCK ongoing series written by Ian Brill with art by James Silvani. This trade collection ships in April and carries a price point of $14.99 with a Diamond Code of FEB110863 and ISBN of 9781608866267.

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