Your Creator-Owned Comics Shopping List for February 23rd, 2011


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Every week I like to pull apart Diamond’s confirmed shipping list for the week, and create a list of all of the creator-owned titles that will be arriving in stores that Wednesday. I then use the magic of Flash to pull the details on the books from, and hey presto!


Good question! Well, the primary reason is that there are a ton of great creator-owned comics out there, and they are mostly being created on a shoe-string budget. This generally means that the creators are able to spend little to no money on marketing these titles, and so many books go by unnoticed, and just end up gathering dust on the shelves. My hope is that by reading through this weekly list, something might catch your eye, and you might decide to give something new a try. It’s by no means a list of everything you should be buying every week, but more like a guideline to let you know what is available, should you wish to try out a creator-owned comic.

Of the comics listed this week, I shall be picking up: Echo #28, Feeding Ground #4, Crossed: Psychopath #1, Incorruptible #15, Godland #34, Morning Glories #7, Turf #4, Sixth Gun #9, Atomic Robo: The Deadly Art of Science #4, American Vampire #12, New York 5 #2, and Scalped #46. Holy cow, I buy a lot of creator-owned books!

If you pick your comic up in trade, I’d highly recommend getting Ghost Projeckt Vol 1 and Scalped Vol 7 - I’ve read the single issues, and they kicked major ass!

The comic I’ll be avoiding most will probably be that WWE one. Not really my cup of tea!

As always, if you noticed something in the list that isn’t creator-owned, please let me know, and I’ll remove it. It’s sometimes hard to determine who actually owns what! One situation that I’m particularly unclear on is comics based on novels - is the novel’s creator the owner, or the original publisher?


Abstract Studios

Archaia Entertainment

Amryll Entertainment

Avatar Press

Bluewater Productions

BOOM! Studios


Image Comics

Kenzer & Company

Oni Press

Neko Press

Red 5

Top Cow


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