Fifth Character of Stan Lee’s NHL Guardian Project Revealed - The Sabre


The fifth character of Stan Lee’s NHL Guardian Project has been revealed as The Sabre.

With the Guardian Project, Lee intends to create a superhero to represent each of the NHL’s 30 teams. Each Guardian is derived from its corresponding hockey team, complete with special powers representative of each team and city. Every day for the first 30 days in January, the winning Guardians will be revealed at 7 pm CT with an exclusive image designed by legendary comic book artist Neal Adams along with their bio.

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The Sabre (Buffalo)

“The Sabre” spent his pre-super hero life as a scientist specializing in hydro-engineering. He’s a man of deep thought, choosing to devote his life to green technology and its applications. His scientific endeavors have allowed him to travel the world and he has been deeply affected by the different cultures he’s experienced. The government has tried to make him a liaison, but he’s turned them down preferring to travel the world on his own dime and staying under the radar. He’s a noble intellectual who would rather outthink his opponent than beat him to smithereens.

As a superhero, The Sabre was the product of a hydroelectric experiment gone awry. As a result his body is totally comprised of water. He uses a specially designed hydro-suit that allows him to control his physical appearance although mostly he chooses a human form.  He has the ability to be liquid, solid or in a gaseous (vapor), state, depending on what’s needed for the situation.

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