First Four Characters of Stan Lee’s NHL Guardian Project Revealed


The first four characters of Stan Lee’s NHL Guardian Project have been revealed over the last few days.

With the Guardian Project, Lee intends to create a superhero to represent each of the NHL’s 30 teams. Each Guardian is derived from its corresponding hockey team, complete with special powers representative of each team and city. Every day for the first 30 days in January, the winning Guardians will be revealed at 7 pm CT with an exclusive image designed by legendary comic book artist Neal Adams along with their bio.

You can check out the first four Guardians, below. To vote on which guardian you want to see revealed next, head to:!/theguardianproject

The Penguin (Pittsburgh)

“The Penguin” as a character mirrors the recent history of the city of Pittsburgh. He was raised the son of a steel worker and he grew up watching his dad work in the steel mills. The toughness and gritty determination to provide left an indelible imprint on him.

However, he’s a visionary and he loves thinking about how to improve the world around him especially when it comes to his native Pittsburgh. He is a gifted inventor and has a love of science and innovation.

Of all the Guardians, the Penguin is the least willing to be placed into a box. He considers himself a renaissance man, able to adapt to a variety of conditions. In exterior appearance, the Penguin is an impressive looking superhero, mostly human features except for a set of Penguin like wings attached to his arms. The wings, like that of an actual Penguin, don’t enable him to fly but rather they allow him to maneuver both in the air and especially at sea.

“Check out the gritty, young, savior, who travels around the Steel City floating on a sheet of ice! This hero”

The King (Los Angeles)

The King is not afraid to go into battle, in fact he wants to be the one to lead the Guardians into battle. A thespian at heart, The King lives in the city that loves its celebrities, yet when he walks amongst them, he is the biggest star in the room. He’s comfortable on the red carpet but far more likely to be found at a director’s house discussing his latest film. He counts many of the town’s celebs as close friends but super stardom isn’t his priority. Instead the King focuses on much grander pursuits and would rather be known for his skill and humanitarianism than for the superhuman feats he performs.

The Hurricane (Carolina)

‘The Hurricane’ will be the first man to back you up in a fight and the first to toast your victory when it’s over. Duty and honor are paramount to him and he doesn’t take kindly to those who show him disrespect.

At the same time, the Hurricane carries with him the calculating mind of an intellectual. As such, he fancies himself an inventor and entrepreneur. In short, the Hurricane is a thought-provoking intellectual who can be every bit as devastating as the force of nature from which he takes his name.

The Blackhawk (Chicago)

‘The Blackhawk’ is a multi-faceted character as diverse as the city of Chicago itself. The Blackhawk is very fun to be around, he has a blue-collar sensibility, he’s serious when the need arises but it’s not his preferred state of mind. He’s mostly a happy go lucky man’s man, very much like a big kid. He prides himself on being the guy who the others look to when situations look bleak. In his words, “Jump on my big shoulders and let’s get it done.”

The look of the Blackhawk is in contrast to his everyman personality as his body is covered in gleaming metallic body armor. On his back, he has six wing blades that when deployed extend from his body and allow him to fly like a human dragonfly. The Blackhawk is also an environmental “empathy” that is able to control the element of wind.

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