DC Confirms Scott Ian and Sam Keith on The Demon


Last year, we reported that Scott Ian, Rhythm guitarist of Anthrax, had revealed, via his Twitter and Facebook accounts, that he will be writing Etrigan the Demon, for DC Comics.

Now, over on the DCU blog, this news has been confirmed. DC have also announced that the project will see him reunited with Lobo: Highway to Hell collaborator, Sam Keith. DC have not yet announced when the project will be release, or how many issues we are likely to see.

Here’s what Scott Ian had to say of the project:

Holy crap I am excited to be writing The Demon for DC in 2011! I’ve been a fan of Etrigan since I was kid buying comics off of the racks. Jack Kirby created him for Hell’s sake and now I get to spew Hellfire like it’s never been spewed before. And I get to blow up Las Vegas.

It’s going to be a real vulgar display of power (pun intended).

Thanks DC for sending me to Hell and back!

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