Com.x to Publish Ross Mackintosh’s Seeds


Comic and graphic novel publishers, Com.x, have just informed me of a new title that they are set to publish, called Seeds, which is written and illustrated by Ross Mackintosh. Seeds is the autobiographical story of how Machintosh and his family were affected by his father’s cancer; beginning with the diagnosis, then taking us through the journey of his father’s decline.

Com.x tell me that ordinarily this type of book is outside the scope of what they would normally publish, but that they were profoundly touched by Ross’ storytelling and felt that they had to release his book. Cancer has affected almost everyone in some way or another - including com.x’s inner circle included - which is what influenced their decision to publish Ross’ book. They also hope that such a book might provide some modicum of comfort and support to others touched by this tragic disease.

I lost my mother to lung cancer in late 2009, and know how deeply upsetting it is to lose a loved one to such a relentless and brutal disease. It’s a subject that’s close to my heart, so I’ll definitely be checking this one out.

Seeds will be in the February Diamond catalogue for an April on-sale date. A portion of the book’s proceeds will be going to selected Cancer charities in both the US and UK.

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