TFAW Hosts Signing With Tim Seeley, Scott Allie & Shane White


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From the press release:

Things From Another World (TFAW) is kicking off the New Year with a BASH you won’t forget-a signing with Hack/Slash creator Tim Seeley (The Occultist, Ant Man & Wasp). He’ll be joined by two of his Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 contributors, Scott Allie (Buffy Season 8, Solomon Kane) and Shane White (Fractured Fables, One Month to Live) Tuesday, January 4 at the Hollywood Things From Another World location at 4133 NE Sandy Blvd. from 7:00 to 10:00 p.m.

Seeley created the hit Hack/Slash series, now at Image Comics, which centers on the dynamic duo of Cassie Hack and Vlad, who hunt down “slashers”-those undead psycho killers who typically plague summer camps and lusty teenagers. He also wrote Dark Horse Comics’ The Occultist, based on a story by Dark Horse President Mike Richardson. Seeley is also currently writing and providing pencils for Marvel Comics’ Ant Man & Wasp miniseries.

To pay his artists for past work, Seeley recently put together the Hack/Slash Trailers Part 2 one-shot-an anthology comic featuring 13 short stories, including one from Dark Horse Comics Senior Managing Editor and writer Scott Allie, and another from Seattle-based writer/artist extraordinaire Shane White.

“We couldn’t be happier to start the year 2011 with such an amazing signing,” said Things From Another World Senior Director of Retail Operations Andrew McIntire. “Not only are these guys phenomenally talented, but they’re a lot of fun to hang out with.”

Besides the excellent company, this signing will feature free food from Clean Plate Catering and complimentary beer with valid ID (no exceptions). See you Tuesday, January 4 for a fantastic start to the New Year!

About Things From Another World:

Founded in 1979, Things From Another World has grown into one of the premier retailers of comics, toys, collectibles, and pop-culture geek goodness in Portland, Oregon, and online at

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