Tim Seeley’s Cult Hit Lovebunny & Mr. Hell Returns to Print in Full Color


From the press release:

Tim Seeley’s cult hit LOVEBUNNY & MR. HELL returns to print in full color

Berkeley, CA - 22 October 2021 - Before HACK/SLASH introduced the world to the slasher-fighting duo of Cassie Hack and her sidekick Vlad, TIM SEELEY introduced another critically acclaimed duo to the world in the form of dysfunctional superheroes, Lovebunny & Mr. Hell!

Originally published in black and white and out of print. The new edition of LOVEBUNNY & MR. HELL is painstakingly remastered to full color!

Seeley shares, “With more and more ‘serious’ superhero comics clogging the shelves, I decided it was time to bring back my first professional creator owned comic. Irreverent, sexy, and funny, Lovebunny and Mr. Hell is to superheroes what Hack/Slash is to horror, and now it’s in full color for the first time!”

LOVEBUNNY & MR. HELL: Former sidekick Beth Bowers wants to be her own hero, but she’s saddled with a sidekick of her own: the demonic, eternally hungry Mr. Hell! Long out of print, their twisted adventures return in an all new, volume in full color for the first time! This new edition includes EVERY appearance of LOVEBUNNY & MR. HELL to date, including the HACK/SLASH strips and the crossover with Savage Dragon!

LOVEBUNNY & MR. HELL, VOL. 1 (NOV100432), a 136- page full-color graphic novel collecting Tim Seeley’s formerly black-and-white comic, will be in stores January 12, 2022 for $14.99.

Catch up with Seeley’s cult hit series Hack/Slash with the following collections: HACK/SLASH OMNIBUS Vol. 1 (APR100408, $29.99) and HACK/SLASH OMNIBUS Vol. 2 (MAY100447, $29.99). HACK/SLASH OMNIBUS Vol. 3 (JUN100415, $29.99) will be in stores November 10, 2010, and HACK/SLASH: MY FIRST MANIAC (S/N HC: SEP100462, $29.99; TP: $9.99) will be in stores November 17, 2010.

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