New Series Savage Beauty Partners with Real-World Heroes


From the press release:

SAVAGE BEAUTY, the new Moonstone comic book series, is partnering with real-world heroes for a unique, ongoing, cause-focused effort.

Every month, SAVAGE BEAUTY is donating one full-color ad page to causes such as Save Darfur, Invisible Children, Do Good Day, and the A21 Campaign.

“The idea is to put our money where our mouths are,” said SAVAGE BEAUTY’s Ed Catto. “Our series is about two heroines fighting injustices across the continent of Africa. But we also want to shine the spotlight on some of the real people and organizations who do that every day.”

The ad pages will feature a wide spectrum of causes: Invisible Children works to end the use of child soldiers; the A21 Campaign fights human trafficking; Save Darfur raises awareness about the atrocities committed daily in Sudan; and Do Good Day is a grassroots campaign designed to showcase individuals doing “something good”. More causes will be announced soon.

Savage Beauty’s co-creator and series writer Mike Bullock is passionate about this program. “For me, bringing heightened awareness to our readers and giving something back to the global community is important,” said Bullock.

Bullock is extremely active as a volunteer himself, working with various charitable organizations and having recently spent 10 days in Biloxi, Mississippi helping families still affected by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

The Savage Beauty team is still focused on their storytelling. “Our #1 priority is to tell a good story for a good value. But if we expose readers to worthwhile, exciting causes, that’s a nice plus. Maybe some readers will volunteer, donate or even just tweet about these impressive organizations,” said Catto.

Moonstone publisher Joe Gentile is excited too. “Moonstone is proud to participate with this innovative program. I’ve found that our readers are very passionate and compassionate!” said Gentile.

“We’re pulling out all the stops on this series. We have great stories, great artists, our first supersized issue is only $2.99 and we’ve developed these cause partnerships to enhance the experience for our readers. Savage Beauty should make a splash not only on the comic shelves, but in the world at large as well.” said Captain Action’s Joe Ahearn.

Savage Beauty #1 is on sale in February and is featured in the Diamond Distributor’s December Previews (DEC101007 SAVAGE BEAUTY #1 YEATES CVR A and DEC101008 SAVAGE BEAUTY #1 HOOVER CVR B & C).

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