Chris Roberson Takes on Superman, Phil Hester Takes on Wonder Woman


DC Comics have announced that starting with Superman #707 and Wonder Woman #605, J. Michael Straczynski will “step back” as the monthly writer of both titles. The reason given for the decision is that  Straczynski is just too busy working on other projects, including the upcoming sequel to Superman: Earth One.

Taking over on Superman will be  Chris Roberson, who will be joined by guest artist Alan Goldman on #707 and regular artist Eddy Barrows with  #708 to complete the “Grounded” storyline, based on story notes by JMS.

Taking over on Wonder Woman will be  Phil Hester, who will join by  regular artist Don Kramer with  #605 to complete the current storyline storyline, based on story notes by JMS.

Hester and Roberson are both fantastic writers, and I’m pleased to see them both get such huge gigs. Congratulations to them both!

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