Lions, Tigers and Bears Returns!


From the press release:

Mike Bullock’s internationally acclaimed, best selling title has a new home with Hermes Press! The long awaited Lions, Tigers and Bears, Volume 3 arrives in stores March, 2011.

Lions, Tigers and Bears is a remarkable title, with memorable characters, an enchanting concept, and beautiful artwork,” observed Hermes Press’ Publisher, Dan Herman. “We’re really excited about releasing all new adventures of Joey, Courtney, Ares, Venus, Pallo and Minerva as a graphic novel.”

Hermes Press will give fans a sneak peak at the new book, featuring creator Mike Bullock’s story and Michael Metcalf’s artwork, during the New York Comic Con, October 8-10 at Booth 2161. In addition, there will be a Lions, Tigers and Bears panel on Friday, October 8th from 6 to 7PM in room 1A23, featuring Herman and Bullock, who will discuss his plans for the title, including the planned Paramount Pictures movie now in development.

“Michael Metcalf and I feel honored to have Lions, Tigers and Bears leading the charge for the new Hermes Press line of original, all-ages graphic novels,” remarked Mike Bullock. “I’m very happy that all the fans, young and old, get to enjoy the new book in an exciting new format, allowing them to get in on the ground floor of a wondrous new era for the title.”

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