Hero Happy Hour Returns


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The Hideout Bar & Grill Reopens Its Doors For Thirsty Super Heroes

Costa Mesa, CA (September 15, 2021)—HERO HAPPY HOUR, created by Dan Taylor and Chris Fason, officially premiered in January 2003 with “SUPER” proceeding the title as an independent comic book published by GeekPunk. The fan-favorite title featured super heroes patronizing the Hideout Bar & Grill during their off-hours to wash away the troubles of serving and protecting society as crime-fighting crusaders. After a four year hiatus, HERO HAPPY HOUR is returning on September 21, 2021 as an all-new webcomic featured at herohappyhour.com.

The HERO HAPPY HOUR webcomic will kick off with a new story entitled “Cease & Desist” and will have the bar regulars such as Guardian, Night Ranger, Psiren, and everybody’s favorite Bartender facing off against their most dangerous foe to date, Chaotech. The fate of the Hideout Bar & Grill hangs in the balance when the cybernetically enhanced Chaotech and his team of legal-lizard Raptorneys claim to own the multi-dimensional and intergalactic trademark on the business name “Hideout.”

“Anyone familiar with the history of HERO HAPPY HOUR is well aware of the reason why we dropped ‘Super’ from the title,” said Dan Taylor. “This first story-arc that kicks off the return of HERO HAPPY HOUR as a webcomic is a not-so thinly veiled commentary about what went down regarding the matter—in a fun, tongue-in-cheek fashion.”

“Cease & Desist” is written by HERO HAPPY HOUR co-creator Dan Taylor and features art by Grant Perkins (Dwayne Hickenbottom), with inks by Eva Perkins and colors by Chris Barker (Hometown Heroes). Co-creator Chris Fason will be returning as artist for continuing HERO HAPPY HOUR adventures after the initial “Cease & Desist” run.

In addition to Dan Taylor and Chris Fason once again teaming up, other well-known and new comic book talents will also be bellying-up to the bar to contribute with “shot-sized” rounds of HERO HAPPY HOUR similar to the back-up stories of the original comic book issues and the HERO HAPPY HOUR SUPER SPECIAL (published in 2004) which featured contributions from Tom Beland, Scott Morse, Todd Nauck, Steve Niles, Ben Templesmith, and others. The “shots” will be served up between the longer story arcs.

“It’s always fun to invite talent that we’re fans of to join us for a round or two at the Hideout Bar & Grill,” Dan Taylor says. “The HERO HAPPY HOUR setting is a fun sandbox to play in, and we get a kick out of seeing what other comic book writers and artists serve up. So far, the guest line-up includes writers Joshua Hale Fialkov (Tumor), Tony Lee (Dr. Who), Chris Ryall (Zombies vs. Robots), and David Tischman (True Blood). If you’re a talent out there that I haven’t hit up yet, don’t worry, you’ll be hearing from me soon enough. Cheers!”

HERO HAPPY HOUR was originally published by GeekPunk with five individual issues, SUPER HERO HAPPY HOUR: VOLUME 1, a trade paperback that collected the first four issues, and the HERO HAPPY HOUR SUPER SPECIAL. In 2006 IDW Publishing released SUPER DELUXE HERO HAPPY HOUR: THE LOST EPISODE. HERO HAPPY HOUR: HEROIC EDITION (ISBN 978-0557185795), collecting the original five issues, is available at Amazon.com and Lulu.com.

The all-new HERO HAPPY HOUR webcomic debuts on September 21, 2021 at http://herohappyhour.com.

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