DH:HD Just Got An Upgrade!


From the press release:

Dark Horse, USA Today, and Toshiba Announce the Next Wave of the Ground Breaking Program!

OCTOBER 8, 2010, NEW YORK, NY­—Dark Horse brought the house down today with not one, but two game-changing announcements in the world of digital publishing.

In much the same way MySpace Dark Horse Presents revolutionized how comics are published online, Dark Horse makes the headlines again by announcing all-new content for DH:HD, a joint venture between Dark Horse and media giants USA Today and the leading home-entertainment brand Toshiba.

Beginning in October and running over the course of a ten-week period, Dark Horse will introduce exclusive stories to be published on the USA Today website, featuring the brand’s top creators and characters. Included in this exciting program are Hellboy, Mass Effect, Conan, Serenity, and The Goon. The all-new stories can be read at comics.usatoday.com.

“Dark Horse has always been an innovator in terms of finding new and interesting ways of exposing new readers to our most popular titles and characters. DH:HD is a shining example of that,” said Dark Horse’s online marketing manager, Matt Parkinson.

“Through our successful partnership with Toshiba and USA Today we have been able to bring our critically acclaimed comics line before a much larger reading audience, and so far the response to this program has been absolutely incredible!”

This exclusive content arrives on your doorstep and desktop on October 11, 2010, with an all-new Hellboy story, “The Whittier Legacy,” written and drawn by comics legend Mike Mignola.

Click here to read the first five pages of Hellboy: The Whittier Legacy!

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