Dark Horse’s Dr. Horrible TPB Sells Out!


From the press release:

Dark Horse’s Dr. Horrible trade paperback collection recently sold out and is being rushed back to print! Featuring the whip smart writing skills of Zack Whedon and the awe-inspiring artistic work of Joelle Jones, Jim Rugg, Farel Dalrymple, Eric Canete, the $9.99 collection features a genius Kristian Donaldson cover as well as 80 pages of the best comical comic spinoff of a hilarious musical ever! While this news assuredly comes as no surprise to legions of faithful and impassioned Whedonites, it’s always nice to celebrate a tremendous creative endeavor’s success. So please, raise a glass to the creative team behind this book or Bad Horse will have to… well, it’ll be bad. Trust us! (He’s evil, you know?!)

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