Bluewater Makes a Bill O’Reilly Comic!


Normally, I don’t support the burning of books. But I’ll make an exception in this case!

From the press release:

Bill O’Reilly has overcome humble beginnings to become a talk-radio star, best-selling author, the most famous political pundit on TV today who is arguably more powerful than most of the politicians he interviews - and, as of this November, star of his own comic book, titled “Political Power: Bill O’Reilly.”

The comic book is written by Jerome Maida who also penned the biography comic books “Mark Zuckerberg: Creator of Facebook” & “Political Power: Al Franken”. The art is done by Aleksandar Bozic.

“It’s a biography”, says writer Jerome Maida, “To be more accurate, it’s part of a biography. Because there’s no way I could encompass the entirety of someone’s life that has the breadth and depth that I learned Bill O’Reilly’s does.”

“Between the internet, YouTube, all his books and newspaper stories alone there was a ton of issues, controversies and anecdotes I could have written about Bill O’Reilly’s life”, says Maida.

“If you look at the “Factors” that have made O’Reilly the man and success he is today - the passionate pundit on the air, the drive to be successful and the desire to look out for “the folks” as he puts it, it all stems from his childhood - and if sales of “Bold Fresh Piece of Humanity” are any indication, there are a lot of people who want to read about a young Bill O’Reilly.”

No matter the subject touched upon, Maida says it is obvious that for both good and ill, there is one person above all others who seem to influence him time and time again, up until today.

“Bill’s dad had a profound effect on him”, says Maida. “Whether it was seeing his dad go to work every day or his sense of humor and love for his family, which come across as positives, or his frustration at staying at a job he hated because he was afraid to take chances and took that out on his family, Bill’s dad was obviously very influential in his life.”

Maida wants to emphasize there are plenty of fun moments too. Some scenes are pretty humorous. Bill was a an admitted class clown, a hooligan and some of those scenes are fun while they still help you to understand his beliefs and values today, despite the apparent contrast.”

Maida says the book will focus mainly on O’Reilly from childhood to college, when he decided he definitely wanted a career as a journalist.

“Political Power: Bill O’Reilly” can currently be ordered at bookstores and comic book shops. To find a comic book store near you go to It is available online at

It retails for $3.99 a copy and hits shelves in November.

Also being released this week is a comic book biography called “First Families: The Clintons”. This special edition comic book featuring the first family biographies is now together for the first time in this 48-page one shot.

Both the Female Force and Political Power biography comic book series strive to present even-handed stories of prominent individuals responsible for shaping the political and cultural landscape. George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Sonia Sotomayor, Rush Limbaugh, Nancy Pelosi & Ronald Reagan are some of the subjects who have been featured.

For more information about the company, visit

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