Armageddonquest: A Non-Market Android Comic Exclusive


From the press release:

Armageddonquest: A Non-Market
Android Comic Exclusive


Robot Comics has released the first issue of Armageddonquest - a 900-page graphic novel opus by Ronald Russell Roach. This is a non-market app for Android smart phones and tablet PC’s now available as a free download online.

To read Armageddonquest on your Android powered device, you’ll need to upload the ACV file to your SD card, and then download and install Robot Comics’ free Droid Comic Viewer to open and read the comic. Armageddonquest is a non-market app because it’s being offered exclusively as part of a Kickstarter fundraiser to produce a limited edition single volume printing of the AQ graphic novel.

Readers interested in receiving the entire 20-chapter, 900-page saga for their Android device can visit the Armageddonquest Kickstarter Project for details.


Armageddonquest #1 combines frame by frame animation, vibration, and transition effects to create an immersive reading experience (see video below for sample):

About Robot Comics

Robot Comics publishes mobile comics for all Android devices, and also iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Nintendo DSi and the Amazon Kindle. It is one of the first and few mobile comic publishers who offer titles specifically designed and formatted to be read on mobile devices.

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