Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic Announces First Print Collection


From the press release:

July 6, 2021 - Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic Announces First Book

The first volume of Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic is now in print! Volume One: The First Year presents the comic’s first 366 strips as well as a 25-page artbook extra, featuring never-published strips, character design drafts, creator commentary and other special goodies. It can be ordered through the comic’s webstore in both Regular and Artist’s Exclusive editions.

YAFGC, the popular Dungeons and Dragons parody webcomic, is now in its fifth year of daily updates. Starting with a chance encounter between Gren the Goblin and Bob the Beholder, this free-wheeling satire pokes gentle fun at the fantasy and gaming tropes we hold so dear.

Written and drawn by Emmy-award-winning Canadian animator Rich Morris, creator of The Ten Doctors ( and other graphic novels, YAFGC’s cheeky humour is best suited for an over-13 audience.

For more information, please visit Yet Another Fantasy Gamer Comic at:
Retail Distribution:

Publisher: Seamchecker Enterprises
Format: Trade Paperback Graphic Novel (black and white interiors)
Length: 220 pages
ISBN: 978-0-9866184-0-6
ComicsMonkey Order Code (retail distribution): [2824_45847]
Publication date: July 1, 2021

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