Radical Premiere: Ryder on the Storm


From the press release:

On Sale Late July 2010
Diamond Order Code MAY108069

From the team that brought you FVZA.

A special $1.00 preview comic for the upcoming, 3-issue, bi-monthly miniseries, brimming with elements of H.P. Lovecraft, mixed into a noir mystery.

Ryder on the Storm follows Ryder, a private eye, who is hired by the beautiful femme fatale Katrina Petruska to investigate the horrifically bizarre suicide of her lover, Michael Hudson. Ryder’s journey to solve the case, and finish Hudson’s work, leads him to discover a truth more sinister and terrifying than he could ever have imagined – daemons walk among us. Now, he must team up with the last daemon hunter, Charles Monk, to take down the cabal of ancient evil controlling the city – all while struggling to reconcile the dark side of his own nature. Click here for more

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