Movie Designer and Illustrator Panels at Comic-con 2010


From the press release

Have you ever wondered how the fantasy worlds in your favorite movies get designed, who thinks up the look of that spaceship? Well, at Comic-Con this year the people who do that very thing—production designers, will be on a panel revealing all and answering fan questions. They include Barry Robison, the man who designed the soon to be released “The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader;” Kirk Petruccelli, responsible for one of the “Fantastic Four” movies and “Lara Croft,” as well as “Blade;” and Oliver Scholl, who designed “The Time Machine” and a little film called “Independence Day.” For something a little different there’s Mimi Gramatky (“Lost”) who is currently filming 12 eight-minute webisodes of “10,000 Days,” probably the most ambitious film in the genre ever made. Its many sets represent the world 10,000 days after a comet strikes the earth in 2011, leaving just about everyone burnt to a crisp or frozen solid. This show will eventually be a TV movie and hopefully a theatrical film. Mimi will show a clip from the film. John Muto, who designed the Terminator 2: 3D show, will moderate. All this takes place on Friday (7/23) at 1:00 p.m.

Wait, there’s more.  Illustrators, who draw the pictures and storyboards that become those fantastic sets, will have two panels of their own on Saturday (7/24).  The morning session at 10:30 will have Harrison Ellenshaw, visual effects supervisor on “TRON” and many other major sci-fi films; Dave Lowery (“Cowboys & Aliens,”) Simeon Wilkins (“Hellboy,”) Tim Burgard (“2012”) and Ricardo Delgado (“How To Train Your Dragon.”) Len Morganti (“New Moon”) will moderate this talented group.

Saturday (7/24) afternoon at 4:00, illustrators from the Art Directors Guild will join forces with their colleagues from the Costume Designers Guild to explain how they work together. Harrison Ellenshaw will moderate Benton Jew (“Cowboys & Aliens”) and the next “Pirates of the Caribbean”), Phil Saunders, concept artist on “Tron 2” and illustrator on “Iron Man”), and Robin Richesson, storyboard artist on “Mad Men” and “Evan Almighty,” all of them working in the art department. Representing the costume designers will be Christian Cordella (“Cowboys & Aliens” and “Thor”) and Brian Valenzuela.

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