TX Comics Introduces ‘Smooth ‘N’ Natural’ and ‘She’s My Kind of Girl’


From the press release:

Toronto, Canada: Award-winning webcomics collective TX Comics gets a little bit sexier with two new features that will officially debut at the Toronto Comic’s Art Festival (TCAF): Smooth ‘N’ Natural by Brian McLachlan and She’s My Kind of Girl by Ramón K. Pérez.

These new series join an already star-studded line-up on TX Comics, home to such works as the Eisner Award-nominated The Abominable Charles Christopher by Karl Kerschl (artist/writer of The Flash in DC Comics’ Wednesday Comics and Teen Titans Year One), Sin Titulo by Shuster Award-winner and Eisner Award-nominee Cameron Stewart (artist of Batman & Robin, Catwoman, and The Other Side), and Raising Hell by Andy Belanger (artist/writer of Bottle of Awesome and artist of Kill Shakespeare).

Smooth ‘N’ Natural is a retrosexual campy B-movie in comic form, influenced by blaxploitation, kung-fu, Russ Myer and more. Brian McLachlan tells the story of Luthor and Lucas Love, twin brothers from another mother – one white, one black – born at the exact same minute of the exact same day. Following in their late father’s footsteps they put a foot up evil’s ass and work their mojo with lovely ladies. In a parallel world where rock still rolls and funk never lost its soul, drug dealers and cult leaders better watch out. Never taking itself seriously, the strip features hardcore parkour and softcore sex that will steam up your reading glasses like a windshield at the drive-in.

Brian McLachlan is the author of graphic novel No Dead Time (Oni Press), a romantic comedy that counts Janeane Garofalo among its fans. Brian’s written extensively for Vice Magazine, and profiled cult movie director Andy Sidaris for Sleazenation Magazine. His specialty is all-ages comics and art, like his TX Comics strip The Princess Planet, but is also happy to expand from respectable comics into more juvenile endeavours.

She’s My Kind of Girl is a tribute to the classic pin ups of the 1940s and ’50s, with a modern edge. Ramón K Pérez curates a group of fellow artists from TX Comics and their peers to contribute their visions of femininity. From fully clothed to barely covered, in a big city or on Mars, there’s always a girl next door, and SMKOG is here to celebrate them.

Ramón K Pérez is a TX Comics contributor as both the writer/artist of Kukuburi and Butternut Squash (co-written by Rob Coughler), each having earned him Shuster Award nominations for Best Webcomic. His print comics work includes Star Wars, Resistance: Fall of Man, Justice Society of America, NYX and an upcoming Dazzler one-shot special.

TX Comics is a collective of professional illustrators and cartoonists who are united by their desire to produce top-flight comics. Recognizing the potential of the internet to be a primary source of art and entertainment, and motivated by their interest in producing exciting, personal work free from commercial and editorial constraint, the artists of TX have all worked to create some of the highest-quality comics yet seen on the web.

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