Beto Machado Introduces Readers to the World of Neverends


From the press release:

Designing Sex & Blood: NEVERENDS
Comic uses design to tell bloody, sexy storyline

Brazil (Jan. 29, 2010) – In a world where disease has been eradicated, the excitement of fighting has become a way of life. In the tournament known as “NEVERENDS”, the strongest fighter in the world has been defeated. Now it’s time to return home, to the family he’s left behind. If I reach out to you, will you reach back to me too?

With NEVERENDS, brazilian artist and designer Beto Machado has created the most unique independent comic of the year, with storytelling devices never used in comics. Fashion, design, advertising, scriptwriting – all are used as part of the narrative in this new series. NEVERENDS is sure to make “traditional” comic creators say, “you can’t do that in a comic.”

The in-your-face action will make many question the value of such a series. Can such a violent, sexual comic really be trying to present a valid message?

“The storyline, the sexy art, the overly designed narrative – all is deliberate. I want readers to realize their preconceptions about comics and storytelling as a whole. Not only that, but I want them to see parallels to current-day society. How entertainment has changed our perceptions, made us numb to our own lives.”

Having previously worked as a “hentai” manga artist and game designer, Beto Machado now uses american comic book inking and coloring over his anime-inspired pencils, achieving a distinctive blend of styles.

“I hope to make readers realize that comics are comics, regardless of their style or nationality. We all love the same thing – sequential storytelling.”

NEVERENDS Volume 01 is available on glossy perfect-bound and saddle-stitched 28-page editions on Amazon and Indyplanet, respectively, as well as digital downloads on Lulu and Spotbit.

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