Robot Comics Bring Jesus Hates Zombies #5 to Android Mobiles


Jesus! Zombies! Werewolves! Now with 100% more Abraham Lincoln!

Alterna Comics’ Jesus Hates Zombies
has been one of the best-selling comics on Android since its debut in mid-2009. Now the series makes a triumphant return to the platform with an all-new storyline starting with Jesus Hates Zombies #5: Jesus Hates Zombies Featuring Lincoln Hates Werewolves: Yea, Though I Walk. Originally released as four graphic novels, JHZFLHW picks up where the original JHZ left off, with Jesus and his zombie sidekick, Laz, searching for a way to rid the world of the zombie plague.  When they look for help from Heaven, they wind up facing a threat even worse than the zombies!  And how does Abraham Lincoln and werewolves fit into this?  Oh, my, that would be telling.

Jesus Hates Zombies #5
will also feature a free preview of creator Stephen Lindsey’s new comic: Massive Awesome, starring  a commando piece of bacon and a pickle that thinks its a zombie squaring off against ninjas, robots, and more!


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Alternatively, search “Jesus Hates Zombies” on the Market.


Brand new storyline, introducing Abraham Lincoln, werewolf hunter! Jesus and Laz, the brain-dead zombie, request help from on high in ending the undead menace, but will Heaven’s mightiest angel be friend or foe?  Meanwhile, in the past, Lincoln fights his first werewolf! How will be the two time-lines converge? If you’re looking for answers, you are better off reading Jesus Hates Zombies than watching Lost! By Stephen Lindsay and Steve Cobb, produced by Alterna Comics.


Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

Screen of Jesus Hates Zombies

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