Casanova Moves to Marvel’s Icon Imprint in July!


It was announced at C2E2 today that Casanova is moving from Image Comics to Marvel’s Icon Imprint.

Casanova is a creator owned series, written by Matt Fraction, with artwork by Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon. The series is a spy-thriller, which centers upon renowned thief Casanova Quinn, who gets “blackmailed into being a pawn and double agent in a global game of super-espionage”.

The series debuted in 2006 as a 16-page, black & white comic book, sold for the discount price of $1.99. Fourteen issues of the series were published, consisting of two arcs, ‘Luxuria‘, and ‘Gulla‘. The last issue of the series was released in May 2008, before the series went on an extended hiatus.

Casanova will return to stands this July, with the re-release of Casanova #1. Marvel plans to re-release the entire series, in full colour, and with new lettering. The re-released issues (excluding #1) will be released as 32-page issues, so what was Casanova #2 and #3, will now be published as Casanova #2.

Following the re-publication of the original issues, Marvel will be releasing volume three of the series, ‘Avaritia‘, which sees the return of Gabriel Bá, after volume two was illustrated by Fábio Moon.

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