Image Comics Releases a Fourth ‘Guardians of the Globe’ Teaser Image, Featuring …Barack Obama… WTF!?


As a somewhat tongue-in-cheek tribute to Marvel’s recent Avengers teaser images, Image Comics have started releasing teaser images for their upcoming Guardians of the Globe series.

Image have revealed no details about the upcoming series, except the fact that it will debut in August 2010.

The Third teaser image features Barack Obama, and the caption, “I’m not as popular as I used to be. How much is Amazing Spider-Man 583 going for on eBay?”.

The more stupid these teasers get, the more I want to read this series!

For the first teaser, featuring Invincible, click here.

For the second teaser, featuring Spawn, click here.

For the third teaser, featuring Rick Grimes, click here.

More teasers are sure to follow in the coming days.

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