Zenescope Entertainment Announces ‘Tales From Wonderland Volume 3′


From the press release:

tfwwhite_knight_-rio_ Zenescope Entertainment has announced plans for a third installment of its extremely popular Tales From Wonderland series. Tales is a spin off series that compliments Zenescope’s highly recognized Wonderland mini-series trilogy that started with Return To Wonderland in 2007 and followed with Beyond Wonderland in 2008 and lastly Escape From Wonderland which finishes it’s run next month.

“When we came up with this world there were so many ideas and characters and pieces involved that we knew telling Calie’s story would only be a piece of what we created.” said series co-creator and Zenescope VP Ralph Tedesco “This allows us to continue multiple spin off story-lines within an incredible universe that our fans have fallen in love with.”

THE WHITE KNIGHT is the first of three new Tales From Wonderland one-shots and is scheduled to hit stores in May.  THE FLOWER GIRLS will follow in June and QUEEN OF HEARTS VS. MAD HATTER is set for a July release.

For those unfamiliar the comic, Zenescope’s Wonderland reinvents the mythology as a supernatural horror story which is told as a sequel to the Lewis Carroll classic.  It follows a now adult Alice who also battles mental illness and her strong-willed teenage daughter, Calie, as they deal with putting a stop to an evil entity intent on crossing over from Wonderland into this world.

Zenescope Entertainment was founded in 2005 by Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco and has since become one of the top independent comic book and graphic novel publishers in the world.

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