Marvel Launches an ‘Astonishing’ New Imprint


Marvel Comics have announced that they are planning to launch a new imprint, which is inspired by the Astonishing X-Men series that was created by Joss Whedon and John Cassaday.

The ‘Astonishing‘ line will publish comics that are “set firmly in the Marvel Universe and providing the perfect starting point for all readers, new or old”. Marvel says that the new series will “tell the most epic stories of heroic action set against the back drop of the real world. New readers will be able to jump right into these epic adventures, while die-hard Marvel fans will also find exciting insights and dramatic changes for Marvel’s most prestigious characters”.

The line will feature a number of titles from the industry’s top creators, and will tell tales featuring the world’s most popular super heroes.

The imprint will kick off with two new series: Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine, from superstars Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert; and a rebooted  Astonishing X-Men series by the duo of Warren Ellis and Kaare Andrews.

Marvel’s Senior Vice-President of Sales & Circulation David Gabriel had the following to say about the new imprint:

“The Astonishing line is exciting for us and the entire industry because it provides the top creators the chance to take on our top characters in stories that you won’t find anywhere else,” he says. ”They are firmly set in Marvel continuity but also accessible to new readers. If you’re looking for big changes and character developments or a place to start reading if you are new to comics, this is where you come. Thanks to Joss Whedon and John Cassaday, the name Astonishing is synonymous with excellence. That’s what this line is all about, from the creators to the characters”

And said the following, of future series and characters:

“This is something that will encompass all of the Marvel Universe at some point in time, but you’ll be hearing more about those in the coming months as we announce the creative teams and characters involved,” Gabriel promises. “This is a line that’s here to stay and will make its mark across the board!”

About the new Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine series from Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert, he said:

“It’s a duo that fans have long been asking for [in] another team-up,” Gabriel says. ”They are two of the most popular and recognizable characters in the Marvel Universe. Their attitudes and way the approach problems and enemies-even fellow heroes-are so different that it gives way to great stories, as you’ll see Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert deliver!”

Marvel says that dynamic stand-alone stories that spring from the real Marvel Universe will set Astonishing apart from other titles. Gabriel believes that any linking elements or crossovers in the line will present themselves in the style of storytelling and not actual story elements-for the time being.

“That said, at this point, the idea of crossing over is a bit counter-productive to the way the line is conceived,” he notes. “That may change, but for now it will consist of stories that will truly astonish you in their own titles.”

More news about these new series is sure to surface at some point during the week, so keep your eyes peeled. The ‘Wolverine/Spider-Man‘ series by Jason Aaron and Adam Kubert sounds like an essential purchase! But I have to say, I’m a little confused about why Astonishing X-Men needs rebooting, especially when the writer is staying the same!

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