Marvel Announces Their Next Big Cosmic Event: The Thanos Imperative


In an interview with, Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning have revealed that they will be bringing Thanos back into the Marvel Universe. His return will occur in the pages of Guardian of the Galaxy #24 & #25. They will then write a one-shot, the Thanos Imperitive: Ignition, which will lead into Marvel’s next big cosmic event, The Thanos Imperative.

In the interview, Abnett teases that, “There isn’t a cosmic bad guy as bad as Thanos, so in simple terms this is everyone versus him-but with a twist! This time, you have the good guys on one side [and] Magus and his Dark Gods on the other with Thanos standing directly in the middle!”

The writing team says that Thanos Imperitive: Ignition will be a great jumping on point for new readers. But that there’s also lots of great stuff for devoted readers, and that “This epic story forms a climax to many of the tales we’ve been spinning in the cosmic corner of the Marvel Universe for the last three years”.

“This is going to be big, serious, epic stuff,” promises Lanning. “Huge space action and vast, galaxy changing events. But we’re not going to forget the human scale of things either. All the big stuff is just too big without a human focus to ground it, so the fortunes and relationships of our characters are going to matter as much. Friendships, loyalties, betrayals.

To see the full interview, head here.

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