Mark Millar to Make a Scottish Superhero Movie!

1 has the scoop that Mark Millar has plans to shoot his own superhero movie, which will be based on a totally original concept, set in Scotland, and will revolve around a Scottish superhero.

The film will be independently financed, and Millar will write the screenplay, and direct the film himself. The movie is currently in pre-production, and filming will start in in Scotland in 2010.

Millar says that the film will be “as different from Superman and X-Men as District 9 is from Star Wars.”

Check out the full interview, below:

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One Response to “Mark Millar to Make a Scottish Superhero Movie!”
  1. Leanne Mattu says:

    Scottish superhero Jason Mackenzie appears in ‘Night Is Day’, which started life in 2005. Series 1 is already available on DVD, a second series is in post-production, and a feature film, (independently financed, and written and directed by series creator Fraser Coull) is currently in pre-production for a summer shoot.

    It’s great what Mark Millar is doing; but the implication that this is Scotland’s first superhero is overstating things greatly.

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