Learn About Sexual Health by Fighting a Supervillain Who has Penises for Arms!


Yes, you read that right! Middlesex-London Health Unit, based in London, Ontario, Canada, has launched a new interactive health initiative. The online programme encourages teens to learn about sexual health from a team of superheros known as the Middlesex-London Sex Squad, who include: Captain Condom, who wears headgear constructed from a condom; Power Pap, who believes in getting tested regularly; Willy the Kid, who is out to prove that size doesn’t matter; and Wonder Vag, who promotes abstinence until marriage.

As well as conventional learning tools, the site includes a game called Adventures in Sex City, in which you have to play as one of the aforementioned characters, and defend the citizens of Sex City from the terrible Sperminator, a supervillain who wears a Lucha Libre Mask, and has penises for arms! The Sperminator used to be a member of the Sex Squad, but he went mad after he caught a Sexually Transmitted Disease, and now plans to infect everybody else with his evil sperm!

The game asks the player a series of questions about sexual health, and for every incorrect answer given, the user’s avatar is blasted with one of the Sperminator’s evil sperm. However, for every correct answer given, you can use a condom block, and bounce the sperm back at the Sperminator. During the game, the characters makes comments like “I need a Shower”, “Right in the Face”, and “Eww, that’s Sticky”. If you win the game, you put a stop to the Sperminator, but if you lose, he lives to infect another day!

You can find the game here: http://www.healthunit.com/sectionList.aspx?sectionID=378.

It’s a thing of beauty, and apparently the idea was brainstormed by a group of teenagers… no surprise there. However, you could almost be forgive for suspecting that Frank Miller had a hand in the concept, it’s like Sin City with more penises!

Thanks to Amy Reiswig for this story (you dirty pervert)!

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